Friday, February 19, 2010

Break In Part 2

I'm back at my mom and dad's today, and thought I would post more about what happened yesterday. Here is a timeline of our day.

9am- Josiah and I leave to spend the day with my mom and dad

9:15am- Our house is broken into. I was not aware of this because I have a bad habit of not having my phone with me.

9:45am- I get to my mom and dad's and they tell me that the alarm company has been calling.

9:50am- I call the alarm company, and they tell me that the side door, and motion alarm went off. They said they sent the cops to check into it, but I'm not sure if they ever came.

10am- My dad leaves to go check on our house. I dad's the best!

10:45am-My dad calls to say that someone did break in, but he did not see anything taken.

11am- I talk to Donnie, tell him whats going on, and he leaves work to meet me at the house.

11:45am- Donnie and I get back to the house to see what has happened. Somehow the person did get in the side door, and tried to take the monitor. So this is what we came home to

Nothing was taken. Not the gps, not the cash we had, nothing. Thank the good Lord!

We did file a police report and all that good stuff. I'm just so happy nothing was taken!

Before we left that morning Josiah was playing with crayons on the kitchen floor. When I came home one of them was broke from the person who broke in. I can't really put it into words but this really upset me.

I think Donnie and I work hard to fill our house with joy, love, laughter, and fun. Then to have a stranger break into our house to try to steal these things is really upsetting. Donnie and I both feel very victimized. Its an odd feeling. However, I still LOVE our house, and LOVE my neighborhood. It would take a lot more than someone breaking in to change these things.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm here!

Hello Everyone! (well....maybe the two of you who still check the blog) I'm back! Currently I'm at my mom and dad's house, and jumped on their computer!

So we had a interesting day today. Our house got broken into! They tried to take the computer monitor, but they could not get it unplugged so they left it on the floor. I will try to post more about this later.

In the meantime here is a picture of the peanut. He is now 17 months! :-)