Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Art

After hanging most of our art yesterday, we still have many empty walls. And this HAD to be fixed. For those people that don't know me, I'm WAY to crafty to just go buy something and hang it on the wall. So, I got out my camera went in the yard and started snapping. (the flower above is one that my dear friend Courtney got us for our open house!)
I took a TON of pictures. Most of them got deleted, but I have 11 that I'm printing. I'm blowing them up in a bunch of different sizes so I can make groupings of pictures in different rooms. I had a great time working on this today.
In other news...this past week and weekend have been SO crazy, trying to get ready for the open house. Also we have our year anniversary on this Thursday! My hubby is planning something for me. That means I had to come up with something for him!! hehehehe Needless to say I'm drained. I need another weekend!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Open House Fun

This afternoon we hosted an open house to show off our new house. It was so much fun! I think everyone had a great time.

My parents came early to help get ready. And know what we did? We hung pictures. Our walls were looking very blank. Well...I should say my mom and I were hanging pictures while my husband and my father were watching. hehehe

The biggest hit for the kids were the hammy and gerbils. They loved them! Needless to say the furry guys are sleeping right now. They are not used to nearly that much attention!
I also had pots for the kids to paint. They had a good time doing this, but it was not nearly as fun as the furry guys.

I praise God that party went so well, and the weather was so perfect! yeah!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Most of today I have spent in the kitchen. Both my own kitchen and my mothers. Why you ask? Two words. Open House. We are having friends and family over to unveil our new crib this weekend. And where people are, food is a necessity. (well at least that's what I think)

What I had the most fun making was cookies. I do love to bake. The party is going to have a garden theme so of course the cookies had to be flowers! I even tried my hand at making a cookie bouquet. I have never done this before, and really had no idea what I was doing. With those two things in mind I think I did well!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Hooked!!

One of the big reasons I don't watch TV is because when I turn it on I can't turn it off. Heres an example. A couple days ago during nap time I turned on the TV just to veg out for a bit. Well...I started watching "Run's House" on MTV, and now I'm hooked!!!!

My dear husband had to fill me in on the history of Run DMC seeing that I grew up in a cave in the suburbs. He even played some of his stuff for me! Now I love the show even more!

I saw a couple episodes during nap time, and then I watched a couple online, and I can't get enough. Here is why I love the show; It shows a real life brown family thats not doing drugs, and not partying all the time. This family goes to church, loves Jesus, and has real family problems that they deal with. How cool is that! I'm so happy that MTV would air such a great show!

Go watch this show!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Joy's of Owning a Home

Seeing that we have been in our new house for almost 2 months now, we have seen both the good and the bad about owning a house. (I'm not sure if I can say that we own it, seeing that the bank really owns most of it.)

Here's some of the downsides:
Our furnace stopped working a while back.
Our backyard has more weeds than grass.
We have a raccoon that our friend AnnMarie is convinced is going to burn down our house.
Bee's have built a beehive in our bedroom window.
The worst part of all is that there is no landlord to call and fix these things!

However, all and all it is great having a house. Expensive, but great!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's the End of the World!

Donnie and I were over at my mom's on Saturday night celebrating a birthday, and a horrible thing happened. I left my camera there! My mom wrote me an email saying that she is holding it hostage! As most of you know I have a very hard time blogging without pictures, so I'm going to have to try my best.

Here's a recap of the weekend. Most of Friday and Saturday were spent cleaning. Donnie and I are hosting an open house coming up, and I want the house to look good for it! Then Saturday night we went over to my mom and dad's to celebrate our family friend turning 60. I will not mention her name here, as I hear she reads this blog from time to time.

Today Donnie and I went to church, then I ran to a thousand (well...almost!) different stores. I was getting things for the open house, and such. We got some outdoor chairs and a table! How fun is that? I would have pictures.....sniff sniff sniff.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Target Fun

Tonight my dear husband and I went shopping at Target. I do love Target. One of the reasons we went their was so I could get Transformer socks. For those that don't know, my husband is OBSESSED with Transformers. He has a gazillion of them in the basement. Today he was reading a message board on Transformers, and someone had said that they found Transformer socks in the Target dollar bins. Now I do love socks, so I knew I had to get them.
We also bought 50 pounds of bird seed. I wonder how long it will take them to eat it? The raccoon better back off!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Zoo Fun

Seeing that Donnie and I have a membership to the Detroit Zoo, we tend to be there often. However, one thing I have never seen are the polar bears swimming in the tube. (People who have been to the Detroit Zoo will know what I'm talking about.)

Awhile back we found out that the bear like to swim in the morning. So yesterday we got to the zoo right when it opened and headed straight to the polar bears. And you know what? We saw a swimming polar bear! Talini, the 2 1/2 year old baby was swimming!!!! She was SO cute!!! We got to watch her swim for 30 mins!!!! It was the best!!! We love Talini!

Friday, April 13, 2007


We have trouble in our backyard, and this trouble goes by the name of Raccoon. As I posted before, we first saw this raccoon at night eating from the bird feeder. Well..Donnie on many nights now has seen this raccoon in our backyard eating. At first I did not think much of it. But I'm starting to think he needs to go.

This raccoon can eat 5 ponds of bird seed in one night! How crazy is that! Somehow he knocked down one of my feeders, and now I can't even find the S hook that it was hanging on! I think the raccoon stole it!!!! grrrr

This is the really bad part. We have this super cute little shed in our backyard. Well...this Raccoon made a whole in it trying to get in!!!!!

Because of these reasons the raccoon must go. I don't want to hurt it, but I don't want it eating my bird seed and tearing apart the shed. So here is the question. What should I do to get rid of it? I know we could set a live trap, and then take it somewhere. This is not something I want to do. Any one have any ideas??

Frugal Fridays!

I have not done a Frugal Friday post in a long time, so its about time I start up again!

My tip this week is about Internet. My hubby and I are addicted to the Internet! We had cable Internet for a long while, but it was getting SO expensive. When we moved to our house we decided to try DSL with AT&T. Not only is it WAY cheaper, but it is just as fast! This has worked out great for us!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bird Bath!

Seeing that the Easter Bunny got Donnie and I a gift card to home depot, I headed over there the other day to get a bird bath. I found the perfect one! However its like 100 pounds so the very helpful home depot employee had to put it in my car for me. Sorry the picture is so bad, I took it through the window when it was raining!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day off Fun

Yesterday both Donnie and I had the day off of work! Yeah! So we headed to the Detroit Science Center with my friend Katie. We went to see "Our Body". Donnie and Katie had been wanting to see this for a very long time now. I however, was in no rush.

It turned out to be very cool. We got to see real dead human bodies! We also got to see bones, muscles, and more! It was great to have Katie there, because she could tell us what we were looking at! Its amazing to think about how God made our bodies!

Katie is of the notion that a trip to the science center is not complete without buying astronaut ice cream. Donnie and I had to get in on it also. After trying it, I think I will still stick to the real stuff.

After the science center we met up with my mom to celebrate Easter. We made her try the astronaut ice cream. She did not ask for seconds.

After dinner we opened our Easter baskets in my mom's car. I don't think I have ever done the Easter basket thing in a car before! My mom got Donnie the game Apples to Apples. We LOVE to play this game, and I'm so happy we have it now!!

I got a gift card to home depot. That is our new favorite place to shop! I have the best mom.....Easter bunny....ever!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Girls

Last Sunday Jami, who I tutor at City Mission, celebrated her 5th birthday. She had a tea party birthday, and she invited all her friends to bring their dolls along with them. Jami, and her sister Caci even had matching outfits with their dolls! This was a great celebration of turning 5 years old.

Yesterday, I got the joy of spending the day with both girls. It has become a tradition that when City Mission delivers holiday food baskets I stay with the girls. Jami had got a gift card for Build-a-Bear for her birthday, so that's where we went.

Although the mall was very crowded. We had a great time building bears, eating lunch, and visiting the pet shop.

Happy Easter!!!

So, the plan at our house was to head to Ohio yesterday for Easter. However, that did not happen. My mom went down Friday with no problems, but on Saturday when my dad, Donnie and I were going to go down, the weather had other plans. My mom called us and said that the roads were very slick, and it would be best if we just stayed there. So we did. I was disappointed not to be with my mom for Easter.

So my dad, Donnie and I went to church together at Kensington and that was really good. After church I made lunch for the boys. I think this was my first adventure at doing the whole holiday cooking thing, and if I do say so myself, I think it turned out very well.

This is a pictures of the table before we ate. I did serve meat, but it is not in this picture. We bought a chicken at meijer that all I had to do was warm up. Please note that my husband is sleeping on the couch while I'm slaving away in the kitchen. hahahaha
This is my men tearing up the chicken. All I have to say is...carnivores.
I hope everyone had a blessed day celebrating our resurrected Lord!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I Love My Hubby!

The other day my hubby drew this picture of spiderman, at work, in pen. How cool is that? He one day hopes be drawing full time. I know he can do it!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Seeing that the squirrels had destroyed our bird feeder, yesterday we ran and got two other feeders. I think I can salvage the other one, and keep that as a squirrel feeder. We have fallen in love with the squirrels, and we can't stop feeding them now! I even went to the library and got a book all about squirrels! I love those furry guys!!!

Speaking of furry guys, we saw the BIGGEST bee ever yesterday! (I think it was a bee) It was so big he had a hard time taking off.

Also we are getting some birds! Today we saw both a blue jay, and a husband and wife cardinal. Too fun!