Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bird Bath!

Seeing that the Easter Bunny got Donnie and I a gift card to home depot, I headed over there the other day to get a bird bath. I found the perfect one! However its like 100 pounds so the very helpful home depot employee had to put it in my car for me. Sorry the picture is so bad, I took it through the window when it was raining!


AnneMarie said...

Hopefully the bird bath will draw birds and not raccoons, squirels, rats, and the such! :)

Are you guys comeing to The Oaks this Sunday? We are turning 1 years old. Woo hoo!

Sherry said...

I love the new picture and the new title :)

I also just LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird bath! I have a super old one that was my mother-in-law's before she passed away. It's cracked, so we now use it as a bird feeder.

This used to be her house, and she loved gardening and the birds, so I am carrying on her tradition the best I can!

Have a great weekend hon!


Katie said...

Splish-Splash the birdies have a bird bath!