Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Hooked!!

One of the big reasons I don't watch TV is because when I turn it on I can't turn it off. Heres an example. A couple days ago during nap time I turned on the TV just to veg out for a bit. Well...I started watching "Run's House" on MTV, and now I'm hooked!!!!

My dear husband had to fill me in on the history of Run DMC seeing that I grew up in a cave in the suburbs. He even played some of his stuff for me! Now I love the show even more!

I saw a couple episodes during nap time, and then I watched a couple online, and I can't get enough. Here is why I love the show; It shows a real life brown family thats not doing drugs, and not partying all the time. This family goes to church, loves Jesus, and has real family problems that they deal with. How cool is that! I'm so happy that MTV would air such a great show!

Go watch this show!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You had never listened to Run DMC? Oh my! I LOVED THEM when I was in middle school! (Of course you were probably too young --- I forget how old I am....LOL)

I've seen the show once or twice -- and you're right -- it's a good show!


Rain said...

I love the show also the first show in the new season had me crying my butt off when she lost the baby I am so hooked trust me my TIVO is already set on record for the whole series