Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Art

After hanging most of our art yesterday, we still have many empty walls. And this HAD to be fixed. For those people that don't know me, I'm WAY to crafty to just go buy something and hang it on the wall. So, I got out my camera went in the yard and started snapping. (the flower above is one that my dear friend Courtney got us for our open house!)
I took a TON of pictures. Most of them got deleted, but I have 11 that I'm printing. I'm blowing them up in a bunch of different sizes so I can make groupings of pictures in different rooms. I had a great time working on this today.
In other news...this past week and weekend have been SO crazy, trying to get ready for the open house. Also we have our year anniversary on this Thursday! My hubby is planning something for me. That means I had to come up with something for him!! hehehehe Needless to say I'm drained. I need another weekend!!!


Rain said...

aww how cute and happy early 1st anniversary :) hope you have many many more :)and hey tell donnie to give me a call sometime soon I have lots to tell him I dont know if you guys have a house phone or not and I dont know i must be calling the wrong cell cause I never get an answer it just beeps like a fax machine :)

Anonymous said...

Rain, I'll try to remember to give you a call sometime after work today.
love ya cuz'

Courtney said...

I love the pictures!! We had a great time at your open house...Love your new place! :-)

AnneMarie said...

I love the flowers. They are so beautiful! If Donnie ever forgets to get you flowers, he can always go out to the backyard and pick some. :)

Katie said...

Just get Donnie a Sheltie!