Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Zoo Fun

Seeing that Donnie and I have a membership to the Detroit Zoo, we tend to be there often. However, one thing I have never seen are the polar bears swimming in the tube. (People who have been to the Detroit Zoo will know what I'm talking about.)

Awhile back we found out that the bear like to swim in the morning. So yesterday we got to the zoo right when it opened and headed straight to the polar bears. And you know what? We saw a swimming polar bear! Talini, the 2 1/2 year old baby was swimming!!!! She was SO cute!!! We got to watch her swim for 30 mins!!!! It was the best!!! We love Talini!


Sherry said...

I have been trying to decide whether to join the Detroit Zoo or the Toledo Zoo next month. (I got the science center membership yesterday on sale for 49 bucks for the family! Woot!) The Toledo membership is cheaper by 14 dollars, which makes it oh-so-tempting!

I love the pictures of the polar bears!

If you want to read about our science fair trip, here's a link to my homeschool blog:

Katie said...

That looks like too much fun! I would like to go swimming as well, but just not with the polar bears. However, I did buy a new swim suit today...hmmm.

AnneMarie said...

Those bears look so precious! How adorable! :)