Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

So, the plan at our house was to head to Ohio yesterday for Easter. However, that did not happen. My mom went down Friday with no problems, but on Saturday when my dad, Donnie and I were going to go down, the weather had other plans. My mom called us and said that the roads were very slick, and it would be best if we just stayed there. So we did. I was disappointed not to be with my mom for Easter.

So my dad, Donnie and I went to church together at Kensington and that was really good. After church I made lunch for the boys. I think this was my first adventure at doing the whole holiday cooking thing, and if I do say so myself, I think it turned out very well.

This is a pictures of the table before we ate. I did serve meat, but it is not in this picture. We bought a chicken at meijer that all I had to do was warm up. Please note that my husband is sleeping on the couch while I'm slaving away in the kitchen. hahahaha
This is my men tearing up the chicken. All I have to say is...carnivores.
I hope everyone had a blessed day celebrating our resurrected Lord!

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Anonymous said...

The roads were not that bad it was all a bunch of hype LOL Tim and I drove to Michigan from Ohio on saturday so that we could spend Easter with my family and we will be going back next week to pick up the girls they are spending spring break there but looks like you did a great job on dinner and you had a Happy Easter anyways so Congrats on your first Easter Dinner :) or should I say your first having to make easter dinner

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