Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The peanut is eating!!! I'm not sure what changed but he ate his fair share of carrots last night! Yeah!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Gone!

For years now I have been wanting to donate my hair to Locks of Love. However, in the past I get so sick of it before it gets to 10 inches that I cut it. Not this time! I did it!
Here is the before:
Then I headed over to good old Fantastic Sam's and got it all cut off. I was a little disappointed that the lady cutting my hair was not more excited about the whole thing. Its not like I wanted a parade or anything, but a little excitement would have been nice. Oh well. Here is what they cut off: (I think it looks like a dead animal)
Here is my hair now:
I'm so happy I got it cut!! Yeah!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The peanut is a man on the move! I think crawling is a ways off but he sure can roll! I can not believe how much he can move around his crib! I took pictures to document it.

I call this one, "the superman"

And this one is the rarely attempted one arm craw.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here are the pictures of how the feedings of solids go.

The first bite: "Oh boy! What do you have for me to eat?"
The second bite: "I'm not eating any more!"

So I have been reading what Dr. Spock says about feeding. And let me tell you, I'm more confused than ever. He said to do fruit first, because babies love it. However the peanuts doctor said NEVER do fruit first because then they won't like vegetables. I feel like everything Dr. Spock says to do my doctor says NOT to do. How frustrating.

I still say he will be in first grade with his bottle!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calling All Moms!

Okay all you mom's out there, I need your help. Let me set the story. Last week we started the peanut on rice cereal. He would take a bite or two and then just would not open his mouth. Then on Friday was gave him squash, and the same thing. One bite, and he was done.

I'm starting to think he will be going to first grade with a bottle in his lunch box.

Here are my questions. When would you feed baby solids? Before bottle, after bottle, or at another time? What foods would you start with? Any help you can give would be great!

Sadly I did have pictures of all this, but I forgot to put them on my jump drive. :-(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Good news! Donnie and I are both feeling much better now! Yeah!!! The peanut however, is still sick. I thought he was wheezing on Sunday, so I called his doctor. She told us to get him checked out at urgent care, so off we went. The good news was that his lungs were clear, bad news is that he has an ear infection.

Let me tell you, giving antibiotics to a baby is not as fun as it sounds. :-) I hope soon he will start feeling better!!

In other news, I somehow forgot to post the best feeding picture EVER! So here it is:

I laugh so hard every time I look at this. I know he is saying, "GET THAT STUFF AWAY FROM ME!" hehehe

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bath Fun

I have posted before that the peanut is not too found of baths. But when I took the him to the doctor last week, she told us to steam up the bathroom, and bathe him to help his sinuses. So we did it, and the peanut did really good! I think he liked being in warmth from the steam. I think we will do this every time now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Big Day

Yesterday was the big 1/2 birthday. Sadly, it was not as great as planned. Tuesday all three of us started feeling sick, and it went downhill from there. I took the peanut to the doctor Thursday, and she said that it is just a virus, and it will just work its way out. So all three of us are pretty miserable. Yuck. I am thankful that this is the first time the peanut has gotten sick.

Even with everyone being sick, we did try food!! I know this will be shocking to all your moms out there, but he was not to happy about it! :-)
Each time he did grab the spoon,
put it in his mouth,
and then made a horrible face.
He also got to open present from Grandma!
Grandma got him spoons and bowls for his new eating adventures!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Today is the peanuts half birthday! As I’m sure you all know, half birthdays are a big deal around here. I’m not sure as what the festivities will be, but I’m sure it will be exciting. However, today the peanut will try, for the first time, food! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures, and fill you all in soon! Happy half birthday peanut!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do you Butter?

I love butter. Its true. However, for the vast majority of my life I have settled for “Buttery Spreads” because I thought it was better for me. But then I started looking at ingredients. Here they are for Smart Balance:


I like eating things I can pronounce, and I made the switch to real butter. It taste better, cooks better, and it only has two ingredients.
However, I know its high in fat and such but I don’t care. Now comes the exciting part. (drum roll please) We are going to have the first ever Life in C-2 poll. Please vote on what you prefer to cook and eat!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Peanut has Skills!

Josiah has a new skill! He is trying to hold his bottle. Although, at this point, it is much to heavy for him he is still trying. The funny thing is, he only does this when Grandma is feeding him. When Donnie or I feed him, we are on his own!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diaper Update

A few people are asking about the diapers, so I thought I would give an update. Seeing that the peanut turns 6 months on Friday we should be half way through the diapers. Well, we have a lot more than half of the diapers left, so hopefully the diapers will last more than a year!

I think we still have a lot of diapers because the peanut wore the newborn size for awhile after he was born, and that was not in the 3,000 that we had bought. However, there is a problem. Where do we keep all these diapers? All the size two diapers (the size he is wearing right now) we try to keep in his room. Sizes three and four are still in the basement.

Right now, some are behind the rocker.

Some are under the crib,

And some in the closet!

Monday, March 09, 2009


I have a question for all of you. Do you like the peanut might be able to see things that we can not? I’m starting to think he can. While I don’t believe in ghost, I do believe in angles.

Here is an example. A while back I put the peanut down for his nap, and I went to do laundry. The washer and drying are in the basement, right under his room, so you can hear everything that happens in his room. So I went to do laundry and I could hear him just laughing away! And this was before he would even laugh for us! So what could he be laughing at? He does not have a mobile or anything fun around his crib. So I have come to the conclusion that he can see things that we can not. What do you think?


I would like to add something to the post about pictures. I know some people are concerned that we will never have professional pictures taken of the peanut, but there is no need to worry. Our wedding photographer is going to do family photos of us (and grandma and grandpa!) around Josiah’s first birthday. I know she is super busy, so about 2 months ago we set a date for September. I’m looking forward to it!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


As I have talked about before, I attend Stroller Strides, and I love it. Its great being with other moms, while doing something good for your body. However, there is a problem. When we go to Stroller Strides the peanut misses a nap. Normally he spends part of the time at Stroller Strides very upset, and then he is super cranky for the rest of the day because he missed that nap. Sadly I decided that I could no longer put myself and my peanut through this every week.

Then I got this in the mail.
The teacher send me a note telling me how great it is that I come, and how it sent a great example for the peanut. I swear she knew I did not want to come back! Now I feel guilty if I don’t go back!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am a photo snob. I know it’s horrible, but I’m very particular about pictures that I’m paying someone to take. I think this is because I love taking pictures, and I think some of them come out somewhat decent. In fact there is only one person I would pay to take the peanuts picture, and that would be our wedding photographer.

Here is the problem. My mom (and many others) think that the peanut should be taken to studios (like Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penny, etc) to have his picture taken. I’m very against this, because of me being a photo snob. The funny thing about this is that I get coupons from these places ALL the time in the mail. Each add confirms my feelings against these places. Take this example.

It looks fine from far away, but if you look closer the big brother is sleeping on the baby! Who wants a picture of the big brother suffocating the baby? I will be taking pictures of the peanut, thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Joy of Vaseline

I have found a cure for all of the peanuts skin problems. Vaseline! I use it for cradle cap, diaper rash, chapped skin and lips. It has gotten to the point that if the peanut has any red mark on his skin the Vaseline goes on it! Remember the Windex cure from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Vaseline has become my Windex!