Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Good news! Donnie and I are both feeling much better now! Yeah!!! The peanut however, is still sick. I thought he was wheezing on Sunday, so I called his doctor. She told us to get him checked out at urgent care, so off we went. The good news was that his lungs were clear, bad news is that he has an ear infection.

Let me tell you, giving antibiotics to a baby is not as fun as it sounds. :-) I hope soon he will start feeling better!!

In other news, I somehow forgot to post the best feeding picture EVER! So here it is:

I laugh so hard every time I look at this. I know he is saying, "GET THAT STUFF AWAY FROM ME!" hehehe


Anonymous said...

Love It!


Rain said...

cute pic. I have a suggestion for giving the antibiotics. measure out how much you have to give him and put it in a nipple. just unscrew the nipple and put it in it will probably be just enouch to fill the nipple and just let him think it is a bottle he will drink it before he realizes it is not. that is what I did with the girls.