Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day off Fun

Yesterday both Donnie and I had the day off of work! Yeah! So we headed to the Detroit Science Center with my friend Katie. We went to see "Our Body". Donnie and Katie had been wanting to see this for a very long time now. I however, was in no rush.

It turned out to be very cool. We got to see real dead human bodies! We also got to see bones, muscles, and more! It was great to have Katie there, because she could tell us what we were looking at! Its amazing to think about how God made our bodies!

Katie is of the notion that a trip to the science center is not complete without buying astronaut ice cream. Donnie and I had to get in on it also. After trying it, I think I will still stick to the real stuff.

After the science center we met up with my mom to celebrate Easter. We made her try the astronaut ice cream. She did not ask for seconds.

After dinner we opened our Easter baskets in my mom's car. I don't think I have ever done the Easter basket thing in a car before! My mom got Donnie the game Apples to Apples. We LOVE to play this game, and I'm so happy we have it now!!

I got a gift card to home depot. That is our new favorite place to shop! I have the best mom.....Easter bunny....ever!!!


Anonymous said...

Should your mom's picture go on the calendar for next year? Missed you and Duck at Easter.


Aunt D.

Rain said...

That is cool. I so want to play that game Apples to Apples I keep telling tim i want to get it but we never do LOL his excuse is we have a billion games we never play. Cause it is no fun with just two people guess we need to get some friends cause the ones we got dont like board games. Glad you guys had a good day off together that is great tell Donnie give me a call this week if he can I am coming to Michigan this weekend maybe we can all meet up and do something. Let me know.

Katie said...

I love the pic of your Mom trying the ice cream! And the bone-finger pen has gone over quite well at work. I love my pen!!! Monday was great fun, we should do it again soon.

Anonymous said...

My dh has been debating about going to the Body exhibit -- we have plans to maybe go on Sunday. I looked it up online and, well, it says that it's like 28 bucks a ticket for adult? Is that true? And if it IS true, is it worth it? I'm trying to be frugal, and while I am all for an educational experience, I don't know if this is one we truly need to have! LOL The Science Center is a must though! Love it! And I so need a bone finger pen!