Friday, September 29, 2006

Very UnFrugal Friday

Tonight my wonderful husband and I decided to go to Royal Oak for window shopping and dinner. We had a great, and cheap time. (We are really trying to watch what we are spending)

After dinner I HAD to go to Astoria Pastry Shop . My husband picked out a great looking chocolate mousse, (pictured left) but I had no idea what I wanted.

Then I spotted some chocolates that were only $1.59 a pound!(pictured right) I thought this was going to be a great bargain. SO I ordered a 1/2 pound thinking it was going to be less than a dollar. However, when we got rang up, our total was $11!!!! As it turned out the chocolate were $11.59 a pound, not $1.59. All I can say is there goes frugal Friday!

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