Saturday, August 22, 2009


I harvested my garden for the first time a couple of nights ago! Feel free to call me Farmer Stacey from now on. Please note that the cucumbers are a little funny looking, because I did not stake them. I was told that if I let them grow up the fence, they will not be so odd looking.
(Sorry that the picture is turn on its side. For some reason I can't get it to load correctly.)


Rain said...

Good job farmer stacey :) Tim said you should have picked those tomatoes when they were green and fried them up that fried green tomatoes are the best. I say yuck to that but For some reason Him and Alyssa love them LOL go figure

Anonymous said...

So fun! Frankie didn't "fertilize" them in the garden, did he???? Good job Farmer Stacey. Enjoy the fruits (or veggies in this case) of your labors. ~~ Amy (oaks)

katie_beres said...

what are you going to do with all the tomatoes? I'll take any extra!