Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Snow

I'm starting to not buy into this whole global warming thing with all the snow we have got this winter! Today is my normal day at City Mission, but because of all the snow there was no school. That gave a chance to do some shoveling to try and dig my way out of the house.
I have to say that I really don't mind shoveling. Its a nice workout, and it was not all that cold out. Also, its a great way to catch up with all the neighbors. First I shoveled for a little bit and then went to get the camera to document the day.
I tried using some of the things that I learned in my Greek class. It was fun playing around with my camera for a bit, but then I had to finish shoveling.

Lady Slate (my car) thought she would never be snow free again!


Sherry said...

Hey, your snow looks just like my snow.



Anonymous said...

Will you come and shovel my driveway?