Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things to think about

I have no problems with my self esteem. If anything, I would say I think more highly of myself than I should. However, I think this is all starting to change.
Donnie and I love to play cards together, and for a few nights in a row we were playing Uno. Over those days we must have played like 20 games. I maybe won three of them. I was not a happy camper.
So the next day I made Donnie play rummie. However, this did not go well either! I did win one hand, so then I told Donnie that we would be keeping score.
But after that things went quickly downhill. And I have to say I took it REALLY hard. Then I started to think about the things I am good at, seeing that cards is not one of them. This was what I came up with
I'm a good nanny (but not as good as Nanny 911)
I'm a good picture taker (but not as good as MANY MANY others)
I'm a good wife (sometimes)

So this is my conclusion. I probably won't be the best at anything I do. And I think that's okay. Just as long as I have fun along the way.


Anonymous said...

Being "good" at losing is a blessing too. By spending time with Donnie and being able to laugh at his beating the sox off you, you're building up your husband and allowing your vulnerability to show. Go Stacey! You win -- even when you lose. amy (oaks)

Rain said...

I say as long as your the try your best it does not matter that you are the best. All I ask my kids to do is try their best and if you lose or are not that good at something that is OK cause at least you tried your best to do it :)

Donnie said...

What's this sometimes stuff? Your a GREAT wife! Which also means that you're really good at putting up with Me! I love you!