Sunday, March 16, 2008


As many of you know I'm a nanny by profession, and up until a week ago I was quite convinced that the children never listen to me. And then this happened:

Nate*, the almost two year old, was throwing a fit because I told him no. Kate*, the 5 year old, said to him, "Nate, I think you will survive." This is something that I tell him ALL the time.

Then I dropped something and was irritated at my clumsy self, so Kate said to me, "That is a-o-kay." Also something that I say all the time.

This made me start to think that maybe they do listen when I talk!

Then there was the one to top them all. However, this one will need a bit of a back story. When I'm REALLY frustrated with the kids, and they are not doing anything they are supposed to be doing I tend to say, "You are NOT being very helpful."

Well...on Friday I was making the girls beds, and I told Kate to keep an eye on her brother in the computer room till I was done. Kate was playing on the computer and Nate was getting in her way. Then I hear Kate say, "Nate, you are not being very helpful!!!" I about lost it when I heard this!

This makes me think about how important what I say really is.

*names have been changed to protect the children's privacy. :-)


Anonymous said...

Why were you making the kids beds, while they played? Shouldn't this be the other way around?


Katie said...

Too funny! They are like sponges...

Courtney said...

I totally relate. Things like that happen with my students all the time...And I wonder, why can't you remember all of your math and science the way that you remember catch phrases I say and things I do?! :-)

AnneMarie said...

You told a 2 year old "No"? 2 year olds do not like that word. ;)