Monday, December 08, 2008


Change is in the air! Seeing that we are currently living on one income, we had to make some changes to the budget. We are going to use our home phone now, and only use cell phones for emergency. The biggest change is that we no longer have Internet. I will now be blogging and such from the library.

I say these are all small changes for me to be able to stay home to raise our peanut!


Rain said...

Heck I totally understand the change thing I was just thinking about down grading my own cable bill and losing the internet. But I will miss your frequent blogging but I guess that just us all more to look forward to when you do blog :)

annemariehauger said...

I here you! More and more are narrowing down their needs and wants. I think we should all focus more on the needs and less on the wants. I think we will see more of it as the economy gets worse. ;)