Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great New Years Eve! Donnie and I are over at my parents, so I'm taking advantage of the computer.

So I have a question for everyone. When Josiah was born, Donnie had the honor of cutting the imbecile cord. Then they gave us the scissors as a keepsake. They are still covered in blood, and have been sitting in a cabinet for the past three months.

Now I think this is all really gross, and I'm wanting to toss them. So what do you all think. Should we keep the scissors or throw them away? And if we do keep them, what do we do with them?


Rain said...

Well Happy New Years to you guys. And I would say I am not too sure I think like you it is kind of gross. but some people keep tons of things. so I am not sure maybe it is something that only you can make a decision on. I would definetly wash them if i kept them lmao.

Anonymous said...


If you are just going to pitch them. Then I'll take them, sterilize them and use them at work. Seriously, I always am looking for a good pair of surgical scissors.


annemarie said...

Keep them but wash them! ;)

Donnie said...

I think that we should keep them but wash them and when the peanut has worn his first pair of shoes take the scissors with the shoes and get them bronzed.