Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!

I’m sad to report that last week I was not able to get to a computer to blog. I’m telling you, it was a sad week! I hope I still have people checking the blog to read this!

So we had a GREAT New Years Eve. The peanut was the hit of the party! At 9pm we put the peanut down, and he slept the whole night. I really wanted to wake him up at midnight so he could join in the celebration. However, I was out voted, so he slept.
However, we did have to wake him to go home. So then we got out the camera for the first pictures of the New Year!


Rain said...

Aww how cute he is on the new year :) well I am so glad to hear yours was good. hope 2009 has been great so far.

Courtney said...

I still check your blog! I am so happy there is a new picture in place of the old bloody scissors picture! ;-) hehe. That picture of you and Josiah is so cute...He is getting so big!! We need to get together soon!

annemarie said...

A. you and Donnie are the cutest!
B. josiah is growing! what a little man! you are going to have to fight the women away when he gets older

Trixie said...

Hi Stacy!

I'm still reading:) I love reading about your babies, Frankie and Peanut (With those smiles Peanut is really giving a run for the money).

Take Care,