Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cradle Cap

The peanut has these thick flakes of skin all over his scalp. I looked it up in one of my baby books, and I think I have diagnosed it as cradle cap. The book said to rub petroleum jelly into the scalp and then shampoo it out. Donnie and I did this on Saturday, and I really think it has helped. However, I would not like it to come back. Does anyone out there know about cradle cap?


Anonymous said...

I recall it only lasting for a short time (a month maybe). Both my girls had it -- but I didn't treat it at all (per the pediatrition) and they both lost some hair. But it cleared up and didn't effect their hair growth in any way! :) ~~ Amy (oaks)

Rain said...

I have no clue neither of my kids got it but He is so cute and I love the picture he looks so happy :)