Friday, January 16, 2009

Puggie Problem

Frankie has a problem. For the past few weeks he has been so itchy! We don’t see any fleas, or any thing else that could be the problem. We gave him a bath, thinking that was the problem, but that did not help. So I need your help. How do you make a puggie less itchy?


Mike and Anna said...

Not sure but I got a friend thats a vet.. I'll give her a tx and get back to you if she has anything..

Rain said...

I just looked it up and i found this on a website not sure if it will help you out or not.

Allergies - some Pugs can get seasonal allergies. They often are quite itchy and sometimes chew their feet. This can start out during a limited time of the year but it can also expand to problems year round. Sometimes antihistamines, steroids and special shampoos are needed. A veterinary dermatologist can test your dog to see what the offending substances are and make up special allergy injections to desensitize your dog. Food allergies aren't terribly common but a trial on a hypoallergenic diet might be ordered by your vet.

I know when jackson was itchy they told me to used an oatmeal shampoo on him i took him to petsmart and had them do it he had no problems after that. hope this helps you out some.

Mike and Anna said...

I sent the response from my vet friend to your hotmail account.. if you need anymore info email me back..

Anonymous said...

Maybe the weather and use of the furnace does to Frankie what it does to me -- really dry, itchy skin!! I'm itching all the time too, and I don't have fleas either. :)

Here is what it said on

"If your Pug has dry itchy skin that is NOT flea related, try bathing him in an over-the-counter medicated dandruff shampoo. Once he is dry, dilute a quarter size of V05 hairdressing with warm water until it is semi-liquid based in your hand and rub it lightly into your Pugs coat. V05 is very thick and so you will need to dilute it and rub it into the coat evenly. Another excellent, concentrated conditioner that leaves the skin and coat soft and subtle is "Horse and Tail" conditioner. This can be found at most Wal-marts and is great for human hair to. It is a leave in conditioner. "