Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Death Swaddle

I’m sad to say that the death swaddle has backfired. As I posted about before, we had been swaddling the Peanut super tight with his arms in. Well the other morning I went to get him, and he was on his belly. I knew it was time to stop swaddling the arms in.
So now we are not swaddling the peanuts arms in, and he does not like it one bit. Naptime has become screaming time. However, he is still sleeping really well at night, so things are all good.


Courtney said...

Omigosh Stacey, he is so cute!! I love his little smiling face!!!! :-) How are things going for you with him now??

Alena said...

His faces are killing me. He looks like he has quite the personality.

Rain said...

Aww he is so cute. I can not wait to see him again. I am not sure when I can come visit again but it is not soon enough. :)