Thursday, April 23, 2009


We have a problem, and it goes by the name of baby tubs. We stared off with this tub. Now it says its for infants, babies and toddlers, but the peanut is already too long for it. Thus started our search for a new tub.

First, we tried the one below. The problem is that the rim of our tub is two wide for it. So we had to take it back.

Next we got this ring seat. The problem with this one is that our bath tub is wavy, so the suction cups do not suction onto the tub. Back this one also went.
So I think we are going to try the duck. When I first saw this at Target, I thought it looked so funny. I did look at the reviews online for it, and people do tend to like it. Wish us luck!
All you moms out there, what did you use for baths?


Rain said...

well I had the 3rd one you tried when alyssa got old enouch to sit up and things but to be honest alot of times we had one of those huge sinks so I would put her in the sink alot of the time it was big enough for me to bath her and small enough not to need a ring at all.

Anonymous said...

The duck is what Harrison has. How could you not use a duck?

Harrison's Life said...

Yup, Harrison used the duck, which was perfect when he learned that kicking the water is FUN - he could kick the water in that duck all he wanted and not get hurt. He's too big for it now, but we got a good 6-9 months use out of it, and at less than $10, it was the best tub we found.

Anonymous said...

All three of mine had the basic ring - but we didn't have the wavy tub problem!

My sister is having a boy (her first!) in September! Too bad she lives in Atlanta :(