Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Would You Do?

As I have talked about many times, our house can get hot. And no, we have not fixed our AC yet. So here is my question, during the night would you leave the windows open to cool down the house?

Here is the problem, our house gets so hot, and then when it gets cool outside its time for us to go to bed. Our house is only one level, so I don't know how safe I feel with the windows open while we sleep. But if we did leave them open our house would be so much cooler in the morning.

So open or closed, what do you think?


Rain said...

Hmm I say I leave my windows open but I am on a second floor so I do see your concern with it being a one level home. I would suggest opening them while you are up and maybe closing before bed. Or get those window type fans to put in the window that way its not like the window is just open there is something in the way. and I have found with window type fans may sound nuts but if you point the fan blowing out one window and one blowing in another it circulates the air.

Anonymous said...

If your windows push up, put a stick of some kind in the top of the window and only open them far enough to get air, the stick keeps someone from opening it further.

Anonymous said...

Installing outdoor lights with motion sensors is an option. How handy is Donnie with stuff like that? ~~ Amy (oaks)

Anonymous said...

I like the outdoor sensor lights idea. That's what my dad installed at the house and they are great and easy to maintain. Then you might feel better about leaving the windows open.


Anonymous said...

buy a gun and laugh at them if thye wanna come in ;)