Sunday, April 19, 2009


On Easter we left Ohio and headed to see Donnie's dad in West Virgina. The peanut was not to excited about all the hills we went through to get there! The pug however, did very well. And when we got there, he even put on the bunny ears for his grandpa!
Donnie's dad was SO happy to see the peanut. The last time he saw him was Christmas, and the peanut has gotten SO much bigger than then! So the two of them got to spend lots of time together.

Sadly, the weather was very rainy the whole time we were there. However, when we left on Thursday, the sun was out! It was a great time to get pictures of three generations together!


Rain said...

what cute pics of Josiah that is LOL jk I am sure uncle James was thrilled to see you guys :) Looks like you guys had a good trip. And I so love the frankie pic with the bunny ears :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, we've seen Frankie, Josiah and Stacey in the bunny ears. I think it's the law that we see them on Donnie before they're put away for the year!!!! ~ Amy (oaks)

Anonymous said...

lol i see he loves "grand paw"