Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy (very late) Mothers Day!

They say that late is better than never right? Well..Happy Mothers Day to all you mom's out there! I had a wonderful Mothers day. Donnie gave me a day off of baby care! :-) He also made me coupons for all sorts of wonderful things, like foot rubs! A better husband I could not find! :-)
For my mom, I made her a vase. I ended up taking a Pringles can, and taping cardboard around it. Then I took pictures of Donnie, the peanut, Frankie, and myself to put on the vase. We also typed up the reasons we love my mom to put under the pictures. Then we put some tulips in it, and delivered it to my mom. I think she really enjoyed it!
Happy Mothers Day!

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Rain said...

That is cute I like the creativity of your gift :).