Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello to all my very faithful readers! I know it had been a very long time since the last post. For some reason I just did not feel like blogging. I don’t know what came over me. Does any one else ever get that way?
The peanut is now 9 months old! Time sure does fly! I took him to the doctor for his 9 month check up on Tuesday, and the doctor says he is doing very well. He weighs 19 pounds 10 oz now, and is 29 inches long! Now that he is 29 inches, he is too big for his baby car seat. And to that I say, thank goodness! I don’t know about you other mom’s out there, but he was getting SO heavy to carry around in that thing! Now he gets to move on to a big kid car seat. I will have to take pictures of it when we put it in!
Thanks for reading after the long break!


Rain said...

Wow it has been a long time I was ready to send out a search party LOL. glad your back and wow the peanut is getting so big time sure does fly by

Anonymous said...

what a sweet angel i cant wait for more pictures now that he is in the bigger car seat he can help drive just get him his own steering wheel lol mom

Mike and Anna said...

Wow lil peanut is getting big!!!! Hope all is well!