Friday, October 06, 2006

Frugal Fridays

As the mother of two wonderful gerbils, I have found a way to make bedding last a lot longer. Our gerbils love to chew on cardboard tubes. (as I'm sure other small animals do also) Anything from paper towel tubes, to the tubes around aluminum foil. My husband and I always save any tubes we can find for the gerbils. So I just put a little of the store bought bedding, and then put in many tubes. The gerbils love chewing on the tubes, its good for their teeth, and it provides extra free bedding!

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Trixie said...

Hi there,

I saw your comment on my blog. Being newlyweds ourselves, we don't have any children, but we are parents to a little beagle. Your post made me think that we save paper towel tubes and basically any kind of thin cardboard boxes (like cereal) and put a treat in it. He loves it; must invoke his hunting instincts. Hope you enjoy having a blog!
Take care,