Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sermon Notes

So, funny story about church today, Donnie and I pulled up in the parking lot, and thought, wow, there are not a lot of cars here today. Then we go in and there are not a whole lot of people around. Then we go into the theater, and they are still setting up. Yup....We forgot to set our clocks back. I felt SO silly. Oh well.

Power Driven
Everyone has power over something or someone. How do you use your power?
First, assess your position of power (genesis 3.5) Then don't take your success too seriously (Daniel 4.28-32) We need to not miss the opportunity for which your power was given. People need to choose what you will use your power for.

Jesus has to be in the driver seat of our lives. Our goal in life, like Paul, should be God's slave.

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Have a great Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog. Many ministers were hosted to a lot of early church goers today. Wishing you a happy birthday on Friday and many more to come.