Monday, October 02, 2006

Why I Go

This Sunday at The Oaks church was "Why I Go", and here are some notes that I took on the subject.

1) God is calling.
God calls people in all different ways, to do all different things. He does not promise wealth or fame.

2) What God has called me to do
We are called to do acts of kindness for other believers, and look for ways to serve those who are not following Christ. How do you serve him?
a) Go-er-these are missionaries that go out into the field
b) Mobilzers-these are people that get other people ready to go
c) Senders-people that give money for other people to go
d)Prayers-pray for people that are going
5) Greeters- people who's mission field is to the world right here.

3) God has equipped me for the assignment
Fill in the blanks
God made me_________ and when I ________ I feel his presence.

P.S. Are you thinking....Who took the awesome picture of hot guy? Well...if you are thinking that....yours truly look the picture, and the hottie is my husband. :-)

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