Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Stuff!

So the other day I had to pick up something at CVS and I did not have one single coupon to use, and the thing I needed was not on sale. I was a sad...sad day.

But then I looked at my receipt and there were coupons for free stuff!!! This has NEVER happened to me before. There was a coupon for FREE CVS aspirin, and a coupon for FREE CVS vitamins.

So yesterday I went to CVS thinking there was some sorta fine print that I was not reading, but nope. I got my two things all the way free.

Has anyone else got this from CVS? I'm hoping it will happen again!


Anonymous said...

I have the one for the vitamins in my purse right now! And I just used one for a free 24-pack of CVS ibuprofen.

CVS rocks.


AnneMarie said...

You seriously amaze me with your shopping abilities. You are one gifted woman! ;)