Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Over the past week I have had some issues with worry. Somehow our sate tax refund got messed up, and its looking like we will not get anything back. This is hard because it was money that we were counting on having. So I turned into a big worry wart.

Then Donnie and I went to get Chinese food, and this was the fortune in the cookie.
Wow. Does God speak to us at all time or what?

Here is the lesson that I feel God wanted me to learn. Before this week Donnie and I would brag about God's goodness when it comes to money all the time. We have VERY little debt right now all thanks to the good Lord.

But this past week I was thinking God was not so good with our money. But then God reminded me that its easy to praise him when things are going well, but it takes much more faith to praise him when things are not going as well. And this is what I know, God is good all the time. Lots of money, or no money God is still good.

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