Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Greek Class

Okay, so I'm not taking Greek, but my photography class just as well could be Greek to me. Last week we did not have class because of the weather, however, I guess the class was made up the next day. The sad part is that I never got a phone call to know this. :-( So now I have missed 2 of the four classes.

However, on the good side, I am learning a lot. When we do work in the studio things come together that we have been learning about in the lecture part of the class. And everyone, including the teacher are more than willing to help out.

Will I get all my 5 projects done by next week? Unlikely. Will the world come to a halt if I don't? Probably not. :-)


Donnie said...

Not the world ending, but Frankie might get mad if you don't give him his photo shoot! :P

Anonymous said...

I think that you should drink some of that Armenian Brandy and then just plow through the projects. You might have some really interesting outcomes.....
Or maybe just get a Starbucks.


AnneMarie said...

i tried posting a comment on your husbands blog and it did not work. :(

i wanted to tell him that he kicks butt for what he is doing in regards to the work hours. i am praying for strength and endurance for him!