Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something to think about

Every Wednesday I go to City Mission for a few hours of volunteering. When I first got there today the kids were writing about what people could do to make America great. One little 5 year old said that America would be great if people did not shoot other people.

This made me so sad that a 5 year old is worried about being shot in his neighborhood. I think it makes me more than sad, it makes me angry. It makes me was to scream about life not being fair. However, screaming will not help the problem.

Hope. That is what I have for this little guy. Do I hope that he grows up and moves out of the neighborhood? Absolutely not. His neighborhood needs him to show that there is another way of living that does not involve shooting your neighbor.

The hope that I do have for him comes from the fact that one day he will be in the arms of his heavenly father. He will have a home that no one ever gets shot or even dies. What a glorious day that will be.

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Anonymous said...

Father God, pour your presence into all the children of America. Show them Your ways and raise them up to make a difference -- to not follow the anger of the crowd -- but to be vessels of PEACE in their cities. Amen