Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Courtney asked for a pregnant picture of myself, and only because I love her SO much, am I posting one. I hope your happy, Courtney! :-)

I know some people who LOVE being pregnant. I'm discovering I'm not one of them. Between the morning sickness (that last all day long) the moodiness, and the constantly being tried I'm not sure whats to like. I have been told that once the baby is out, it is all worth it.

I have come to a conclusion. Any other children we have will not be coming out of me. Anyways, whats better than giving a child a family?

So here is my question for all you who have been pregnant. Did you love being pregnant?


Rain said...

hmmm that is a hard one to answer All I can really say is it did not seem real until the very first time I felt my daughter turn over and kick inside me then it hit me that I was actually bringing a child into this world. I will not sugar coat labor like everyone did for me IT SUCKED but both my girls were induced so I have been told that it makes labor twice as hard so maybe its not as bad as I had it but in the end when you see that little baby it is so worth it.

Courtney said...

YEAY! I *am* happy!!!!! Thanks for posting--You are SO CUTE! Grow little baby, grow! How many weeks are you now???? You can find out the sex at 20, right? Are you still planning on it?

Anonymous said...

LOVED being pregnant (I know, I'm a freak)! I was a big as a barn and loved every minute of it. Afterwards, I missed the feeling of the baby moving inside me SO much. It's one of the most amazing feelings I've ever known -- the miracle of life INSIDE my body! ~~ Amy (oaks)

AnneMarie said...

You look so good girl! Woo hoo! ;) I am so excited for you!