Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Its Fall!!

On a couple of my friends blogs, they have posted pictures of their fall decorations. This inspired me to go into the basement and pull out all my Halloween decorations.
First is the wreath that I picked up last year at CVS. I think it is so cute!
I also have a spider door mat. (I don't know why it is sideways....sorry!)
And I hung some decorations on the window. These are the same ones that I used to hang up at my parents house when I was little!


Courtney said...

LOVE it!!!!!!

Rain said...

Cute Cute, I need to do the same but have been so busy with a million other things I have not found the time but maybe this weekend I will decorate.

Melissa said...

Love the decorations. I haven't seen very many this year and that is weird for my neighborhood.