Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Time!

While we were over at my parents on Sunday, my mom took a couple family pictures. I have come to discover that family pictures with a 5 week old can be a bit of a challenge. Donnie and I agree that the picture posted above is the best. I will share the others for entertainment.
In this picture, the peanut is quite fascinated with the pumpkin. Not so fascinated with having his picture taken.
In this picture he is telling us he is done taking pictures. Feel free to enlarge the picture for the full effect.

I do hope family photos get easier! :-)


Rain said...

Awww they are all cute. And I will say that yes they are hard to get a good picture when they are small but it does get easier. But I am one who likes the not so perfect pictures the best. They show real emotion and reaction more then the posed and perfect pictures :) But I do agree that the top is the best picture. but I do like them all :)

Courtney said...

SO cute, I love all 3!!! He is SO adorable!!

Anonymous said...

He sure is a pretty baby. Aunt Deb