Tuesday, November 03, 2009

H1N1 & Birthday

I have a question for everyone out there. Are you getting (or do you want to get) the H1N1 vaccine? Donnie and I are not so into vaccines, so our answer is no. However, the news is making SUCH a big deal about H1N1. I heard a comparison between H1N1 and polo! My goodness. I’m 99.9% sure I do not want the peanut to be vaccinated. But then when I watch the news and I’m 0.1% not so sure. So are you getting the vaccine?

ps- Happy Birthday to me! :-)


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

I am not getting the vaccine. I never get the regular flu vaccine either. There are even students at my school and in the district who have had it, but I'm not getting the vaccine.

Rain said...

Happy Birthday to you :) hope your birthday week is going good.

I Am not getting the vaccine nor will I let my kids I am sorry but I am not going to inject my kids with it and say hmm lets see if you can get sick or not I have a huge problem with it.