Friday, November 20, 2009

Sick Part 4,638

The peanut is still cranky. However, it got really bad Thursday morning at about 2:30am. He woke up crying. (Please note that the peanut normally is a really goodnight sleeper) I let him cry for a bit, then went in changed his diaper, and put him back down. Then he started SCREAMING. At about 3am I gave him some ibuprofen thinking that maybe he was in pain. Nope, he still screamed. At about 3:30am I gave him a bottle thinking that maybe he was hungry. Nope, he still screamed. At about 4am Donnie and I just decided to get him up. That did not even help. He was still screamed.

At this point Donnie and I are about to go crazy! It was so bad we called my mom at 4:30am asking her what to do. She suggested we call the doctor. We called the doctor, and she told us that the peanut was over tired, and to give him a bath.

I thought a bath was the stupidest idea ever, but we were desperate so we tried it. And you know what? He loved it! He was all laughing and splashing. We were shocked. After his bath he fell asleep watching Loony Tones with us. This was abound 5:30am. He slept till 9am. Thank the Lord!


Rain said...

Yeah both my girls always liked the bath when they did not feel good cause it would bring a fever down and also relaxes any of there ache muscles and plus its a bath most kids love them :) glad he liked it and that you guys got him back to sleep eventually. Hope he feels better soon.

katie_beres said...

sometimes its the little things