Saturday, November 07, 2009

High Five!

Recently the peanut has learned how to give high fives. I do think this is the cutest thing ever, so I wanted to get a video of it. However, the peanut did not want to corporate. Whenever the video camera comes out the peanut starts hamming it up!

I do think the video that we did take is funny, even if there is no high five. On the plus side, so can see the peanut doing (what his grandpa Baughn calls) his war cry! Enjoy!


Rain said...

It is just like a kid they do not do what you want when you want Alyssa used to always do the cutest thing til I asked her to do it. It is just one of those things LOL

Harrison's Life said...

Harrison and I just watched the video, and everytime someone said "high five" H turned to me and wanted to give me a High 5! He loved watching the video :)