Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Job

As I posed yesterday, I'm back to working as a nanny! And it just happens to be for the same family I worked for before! I'm calling my absents from them a really long maternity leave. The story about how all this happened is great, so I have to share.

Donnie had been out of work for a few months, and then decided to go back to school. During this time money was getting tight so I was revisiting our budget, and discovered we had a problem. We could not make it just on his unemployment.

We had many ideas; I could work part time, I could work full time, we could live off our savings, and me stay home. With all these options we decided to take two weeks to pray and see what the Lord was wanting us to do.

Well, I got a phone call at about day 10 of our two weeks of prayer. The nanny that had took my job when I had Josiah had just given the family her two weeks. The family I nannied for was shocked over this, and the mom called me to see if I could help out until they found a new nanny. I told the mom that I would be willing to come back full time, and I got my job back! It was a win win for everyone!

God is so good!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! LOL been almost a year and thats all you have to say ;)

2 carltons and 1 kelly said...

That is so awesome!!! Do you take Josiah with you?