Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nuts of Death

Its that time of year again! Chestnuts are starting to fall. I swear, one could get killed by one falling on your head! Next time any one you come over, remember your umbrella to protect your head!

I have been worried about Josiah and the chestnuts. He likes to play on the sidewalk where they all land. However, we have made it into a game! I taught him to kick them! Now anytime he sees a chestnut he kicks it into the grass! So far so good.

So, if you need any chestnuts kicked, Josiah's your man!


Anonymous said...

So funny that I was just thinking of your "death-nuts" last night when I was cleaning out my gardens! That's actually what reminded me that I haven't checked your Blog in several days! Strange. ~~ Amy (oaks)

2 carltons and 1 kelly said...

It's good to catch up w/ you! What would we do w/out computers. I would not be able to stalk people as effectively;) Um, oh yeah, that pic of the death nuts is soooooo pretty. You must have a rad camera

Winter Tale Kennel said...

so, that is chesnut?