Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to School I go!

I'm getting my learn on! Starting yesterday, I'm taking a photography class at Henry Ford Community College! The class is called "Photo Studio 1: Basic Lighting", however, I'm discovering its not all that basic! I missed the first class because I was sick, and now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. The class has homework and 5 big projects! What have I got myself into?

I'm sure in the end it will be a great learning experience for myself. Ohh....does anyone want to model for me? :-) One of my assignment is to do a fashion shoot. Donnie for some reason is being reluctant. I thought Frankie would be a great model in his cute winter jacket, but I don't think they let Pugs in the studio. :-(


Donnie said...

What's so fasionable about a potbelly?

AnneMarie said...

Ummmm.....I vote for Donnie! Why on earth are you taking a class on photography? You are extremely talented in that area.