Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I <3 CVS!!!!

Thanks to the great Money Saving Mom blog I had a great trip to CVS today! I spent $25.00 saved $20, and got $12 in extra bucks!!!!! I think this is the best I have done to date! Look how long my receipt is!!


Anonymous said...


That's so cool!! You need to show me how you did this? I could buy a lot of supplies for the trip that way.


Anonymous said...

Oh I have BIG PLANS for CVS over the next couple of days! I'll post how it goes!


Courtney said...

Holy smokes! That's CRAZY! Do you use all those coupons though? The only ones I end up keeping are the Extra Bucks or so-much off of whatever price. The other random ones for products never seem to be for anything I'd eat!

AnneMarie said...

You seriously kick butt!

Rain said...

Wow Tim calls me the coupon queen but I think I may have to surrender my crown to you :)