Friday, January 18, 2008


A couple of people asked me how I do all my fun saving at CVS. I thought I would post, and give you all an idea of how I do it.

First I check out Money Saving Mom. This blog lists the CVS deals of the week and any coupons that can be stacked with it. I also go through the CVS sale paper right online to look for any great deals.
This week I saw that Nature Made vitamins are buy one get one free. Seeing that my friend Katie is going to Africa for a medical mission trip I knew this would be great to send with her!
Second, I look online for printable coupons. I always print the CVS coupon for $2 off a $10 purchase. This week I also looked up Nature Made coupons. I found out that if you join their rewards program you can print many different coupons. You can check it out here! Then I'm ready to go shopping! Here's the end product

2 Nature Made Vitamin Packs totalling 19.98
-9.99 for buy one, get one free
-2.00 CVS coupon
-1.50 Nature Made coupon
-1.50 Nature Made coupon
Equals 4.99

Not bad for 260 vitamins!

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