Sunday, January 13, 2008

I <3 CVS Part 2

Once again, I had a great day of saving fun at CVS on Saturday. Here's the summary of the days deals. I got 2 bottles of vitamins, tums, and 9 two litters of Mountain Dew. (My hubby is addicted) I spent a little over $2, and saved....drum roll please.....$30!!!!!!!!! Wowie wow wow! This was done with coupons, and about $10 in extra bucks. I do love CVS!!!

How come you all have not told me who your voting for? Remember the big day is Tuesday!!!


Anonymous said...


Puggie for Pres.

-kb and mdog

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm totally writing in "Frankie" on the ballot. :D

And I'm glad you're doing the CVS thing. I must have gone there 8 times this past week! I just keep spending the ECBs on things that generate new ECBs. It's great.