Saturday, May 03, 2008

Belly Update

You people are baby crazy! All the comments about baby. I do have a life you know. hehehehe

Okay here is the long awaited update. I think I'm about 19 weeks now, almost half way, and still feel crummy. I do not recommend getting pregnant to any of you that are thinking about it. :-) And do to the crummy feelings I have still not gained any weight. I hope this is not a problem.

I did have another ultrasound a little over a week ago. I don't have pictures from it, because the printer was broken at the doctors. The lady said I could come back and they could do it again when the printer is fixed, but I thought I would live without the pictures.

I know the big question is boy or girl. The ultrasound lady was 75% sure of its gender. However, sadly for you guys, we are not telling. This is for two reasons.

One, the lady is only 75% sure. that's not great odds. We would hate to get every one's hopes up, and then be wrong.

The second reason takes a bit of a story. I went to my dear friends Elizabeth's baby shower awhile back. A little bit before the shower she found out she was having a girl. When she was opening gifts I noticed a lot of little expensive dresses, and not very much from her registry. (however, after the shower I did check her registry, and she did get many things from it. I did not just see them at the shower)

So, my plan is, if people don't know its gender I will get more things that I need from my registry. And less clothes. I know its selfish.


Courtney said...

I am sorry you are still not feeling well! :-( You look great though!! :-) I understand where you guys are coming from in terms of the sex of the baby. That makes a lot of sense, and you'll hopefully get more of what you need that way! That being said, I can still totally get you a non-gendered gift if you want to tell me what you are three-fourths for certain having! haha, I'm kidding. Feel better!

Courtney said...

By the way, how do you get a little picture to show up next to your name when you post comments on my site? I can't figure out where in the site menu to do that.

Courtney said...

ONE MORE THING! (Sorry...) Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Happy Nano-versery (that's how it is said in my family). Secondly! Yeah for not telling the sex of the baby. Of course, you know what I think about all that!!!


AnneMarie said...

You look great! I will surely send some of the pounds that I am shedding your way! ;)

Rain said...

Well Happy Belated Anniversary!! And now I have a comment for you about the ultrasound picture take it from a mother who is now wishing she had more then one ultrasound picture One of these days your going to want to remember that little baby growing inside you and you will wish you had more pictures so if you get the chance to get another picture I would definetly say take it while you can cause you will never be able to replace that picture and I know most of them look crazy and others think what the heck are you seeing but trust me when I look at my daughters I can see her perfectly clear. But hey I maybe wrong, But I wish I would have had more then the few I have. but I hope you feel better soon. Have you felt the baby moving at all yet?