Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Donnie!

Yesterday was Donnie's big 32nd birthday! Every year I come up with a theme for his birthday so this year it was......drum roll please......a pirate party! Who doesn't love a pirate?
Of course we had to have pirate hats for this big event
And even Frankie had to get into the action.
After we had dinner is was time to move onto the pinata! It was a lot harder to open than one would think, but we had a GREAT time trying! Finally the head got separated from the body, and Donnie took care of the rest. :-)
Then it was time for cake. I had bought some hostest cupcakes, put them on a plate, and voila...a cake!
Frankie was sure he near all the excitement, and anything that would drop on the floor!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Donnie! Fun stuff guys! Does your child know what a cool family "it's" being born into????? Amy(oaks)

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Donnie! I love the picture of Frankie with his little butt sticking out from under the table, lol!

Rain said...

Happy Birthday again cuz, you guys look like you had fun and yes I agree frankie is too cute with his little butt sticking out from under the table.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Donnie!! I think that you should be a pirate, everyday! It's a great look for you.


annemarie said...

happy brithday donnie! you guys are so much fun!