Thursday, May 15, 2008


So I stumbled across this article the other day telling that NASA runs this thing called a Bed Rest Study. In this study the participants lay in bed for 90 days while NASA sees what effect this has on their body. From what the article said you can have a laptop, tv, and gaming systems. Also they wheel all the participants into one room everyday with their heads together so they can play games.

Here is the kicker. They will pay you $15,000 to do this. $15,000 for laying in bed for 90 days does not sound all that bad. Knowing me, I think I could go about a week, and then I would go insane. Donnie said he could do it for sure. I asked him how he would survive without me for 90 days, but he was not very concerned about that.

So what do you all think? Could you lay in bed for 90 days for $15,000? If so, you can apply here!


Rain said...

Heck I would sign up for that much money or sign tim up lol that way I get to spend the money in 90 days and I get to be away from him lol I will just tell him honey they say absence makes the heart grow fonder lmao.

AnneMarie said...

can you say bed sores??????