Friday, May 09, 2008

We Are Rich!

We got our stimulus tax money today!!! Yeah!!! I know many people are worried about this whole thing, like having to pay taxes on it next year, but to be honest I don't care.

Donnie's work has been slow, and with my medical bills coming in the money is very nice. So far we used the money to pay down the credit card bill, and pay some other bills.

Is anyone doing anything fun with the money? Let me know!


Courtney said...

Hmmm...Let's see...We could put it towards the sprinkler system we had installed on Tuesday...or the sod that got laid down today...or the air conditioning that's getting installed later this want like 10 of these tax rebates in the mail! hehehe

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comments! I uploaded a picture, so let's see if this works! :-)

Courtney said...

YEAY!! :-)

Anonymous said...


I have not received anything from the gov. But I do believe that my bank will be seeing more of the money, than I will. But I'm glad that you are enjoying it!