Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carrier of Death!

As I posted the other day, the family that I nanny for gave me some really great stuff. Including a babybjorn. I also have one on my registry. The new one will be for Donnie and I, and the older one my mom wants.

So I was looking at it today, and thought I would take a look at the instructions.
Good grief. I looked at the instructions and this whole thing looks really hard to do. I'm going to need someone to come over and give me lessons on how to put it on!

Then I started looking at all the warnings on it.

This is the best warning of them all. I'll zoom in for the best part.

Holy Cow! This thing is going to kill my baby!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I say that you get the baby sling, it is much easier to use. But it might carry the same risk.